Niklas Window & Gutter Cleaning

We will make your Windows Absolutely Sparkle! Friendly, thorough, dependable and very affordable.

Covid Safe Business UK

"Our focus is to provide the highest quality of window and gutter cleaning combined with reliable and dependable service whilst maintaining safe working environment."

What we do

We specialise in window and gutter cleaning services domestically and commercially within UK North West area, find out here if we are around your local area. We are a family run business and our focus, pride and joy has been to deliver highest window cleaning services you can depend and trust on all year around.


SMS Notification

A day before the visit we will send you an SMS to notify you of the booking.


With every visit we will clean doors, frames, and sills absolutely free of charge.


We can provide you with reliable domestic and commercial services throughout the year.


Sparkling quality cleaning of conservatory roof, extension and skylight as well as gutter clearing using latest technology.

Easy Payments

No Direct Debits or subscription nonsense. We use GoCardless for quick and efficient payments, alternatively cash or bank transfer for your ease.


Our quote tool provides an optimized way to give you most affordable price.

Recent Feedback


Not at all! We can absolutely work around your busy lifestyle, in fact, majority of our client base are not available on the day of cleaning service. We get all the necessary equipment, get the sparkling job done while you are out, and leave the calling card once we are done. Please leave the gates open, and gate pins available prior to our visit!

We certainly can! Our expert team are able to clean all kinds of tricky windows available to see from ground up. Thanks to our lightweight equipment we can reach and safely clean your windows accurately.

Absolutely! Our long-reach and lightweight equipment allows us to not only  clean 3 storys, but 4 and 5 storys high.

We value your safety and security! That is why we integrated SMS notification system, so you know when to expect us. You will receive a SMS notification a day prior to our visit, so you know when to leave that gate open for us. Once done, we will always close the gates upon leaving.

No Direct Debit nonsense! We use GoCardless payment system which allows us to collect payments upon your approval, so you know exactly when window cleaning has been done! 

To make a payment for one-off jobs you can still use our GoCardless payment system, alternatively we accept cash, bank transfer, or cheque.

If you are our regular client, most certainly yes, we will leave you a card when to expect us. Usually we arrange visits every 4 weeks, but due to bank holidays and other festive periods regular cleaning service can delay. Should there be any change in your regular visit we will notify you in advance.

We do one off window cleaning services! One off jobs are slightly more expensive then 4 weekly cleans due to deep cleaning we need to conduct and because our regular clients get bigger discounts.

Unfortunately no! Our equipment is meant to be used for external use only and our insurance does not cover internal damages, meaning we can not bring our equipment through your property. However, if the access can be made available through the garage and you accept the responsibility for any damages that could occur from water left on the floor, we would be happy to conduct cleaning.

Absolutely! We provide reliable and affordable window cleaning services all year round.

Not at all! We are happy to provide you with our sparkling service as long as you’re happy with us!

Yes, be assured we’re insured! Should you require a copy of our insurance policy, just let us know.